Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Puppet Trust Centre

The Puppet Centre Trust library and archives house one of the most extensive collections dedicated to puppetry in the country. Back catalogues of journals and a slide collection of puppetry photographs, which include collections from American puppeteer Alan Clarke and Hogarth puppets from the UK. On the international side there are photographs of shadow puppets from the Far and Middle East to folk puppets from many European countries. The website has a very good links page of A-Z marionette and puppet company websites.

A visit to the Puppet Centre Trust would be very beneficial for my research into the history and making of marionettes. Some there may also help me to source a puppetry company to contact for a visit or work experience.

Contact details:
Puppet Centre Trust,
Battersea Arts Centre,
Lavender Hill,
SW11 5TN
020 7228 5335

'The Puppet Centre Trust, founded in 1974, is a development agency for puppetry working at a national level. The overall mission for the Puppet Centre Trust is ‘to develop and promote the art form of puppetry within the context of contemporary performance practice.'

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