Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Quick visual analysis on Marionettes

Here is a quick selection of images on the different kind of interesting styles of marionettes that have caught my eye.Marionette made from Lime Wood, which seems to be the preferred choice for hand carving and sculpting puppets. This is a good example of what I want the hands to be like as his fingers are carved separated compared to the skeleton below.
The skeleton here shows good puppet joints, which are normally covered by clothes.With the time scale I have I don't think I will have time to create the clothes as well, which is fine because the main learning outcome is the wood carving skill and it will be nice to see the work in the puppet joints. This marionette has dowel and hinge joints as well as looped screw joints, these are just a couple of the ways I can create my puppet to move need to research further.

Film stills from 1996 version 'The Adventures of Pinocchio'. Animatronic puppet created by Jim Henson's Creature Shop. The head is a moulded latex skin painted in a wood grain effect and controlled by electronics and mechanisms to bring the face to life.

I love everything about this puppet! Even though the wood grain is painted on I love how it follows the contours of the face, I know this would be impossible to replicate with a real piece of wood but I like how the grain is highlighted. I could give the marionette a wash of colour with a wax or polish but I no I definitely don't want to cover the wood entirely with paints. Pine might work better because of it's a light colour and stronger grain lines.

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