Thursday, 30 December 2010

Visual analysis cont.

Sanded Finish
Another Pinocchio marionette in the 1940 Walt Disney style. An important point I hadn't realized until looking at this series of progress photos is that I will have to cut all the marionette parts out together and then first cut the joints before shaping each individual limb. This will make sure that the entire puppet can go together and move properly instead of trying to cut a square joint after shaping.

As you can see this marionette is sanded to a finish which works well with this Walt Disney version of Pinocchio but I think I prefer the more rustic traditional finish of the tool marks on the puppet i'll show in the next post. The smooth sanded finish adds to the realism and I guess it depends on the character if it is needed. I think sometimes it can make the puppet look too doll like especially when its painted.

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