Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Research into Marionettes cont.

Found another good Czech website that specialize in wood carved marionettes. Compared to the website in the last post the puppet here are fully painted, which in my opinion can make them look too doll like and garish. You can buy puppets from a large collection or have them custom made from a photo. Here are just some of the past custom orders.

Bing Crosby

This marionette was created from a picture off a vinyl record cover. Looks like they produced a plastoline sculpt first to get the character right. This could help me a lot as  haven't wood carved before having a visual form in front of me to reference from should aid me in getting the right proportions and character through.

Barrack Obama
Vodafone Advert
These marionettes were for an Egyptian Vodafone commercial which is broadcasted in almost all middle east countries. I like these characterised puppets because I can see the people they are based on. This would be another option if i decide not to recreate myself realistically.

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